Value Sensitive Design

Designing for human values

Reflections for Interaction Design Seminar, Professor Molly Wright Steenson, Fall 2019

Direct and Indirect Stakeholders

Below is a map of human and nonhuman stakeholders who might be affected, directly or indirectly, by Blue Apron’s VA/Blue Apron’s system.

Benefits, Harms, and Values

The following are listed by key stakeholder groups:

  • harms
  • values that might stand in conflict with these benefits and harms

Key Value Tensions

Personalization vs. Privacy: To provide a more personalized experience, Blue Apron requires user data. Users have to give up this data, allowing it to be stored on external services and used to track their behaviors, habits, and location. That’s pretty invasive, standing in tension with user needs for privacy.

Lots of Assumptions

Value sensitive design calls for a design process that is rooted in a comprehensive set of investigations — conceptual, empirical, and technical investigations.

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