• Anna Boyle

    Anna Boyle

    Carnegie Mellon University | School of Design | MDes 21'

  • Lrlrishin


  • Molly Wright Steenson

    Molly Wright Steenson

    K&L Gates Associate Professor of Ethics & Computational Technologies @ CMU/School of Design. Author of Architectural Intelligence (MIT Press 2017).

  • Sophia Nguyen

    Sophia Nguyen

  • Boshra Javaheri

    Boshra Javaheri

    Designer and researcher passionate about people, their experiences, emotions, and interactions with AI. Get to know me better @boshra.me

  • Diana Minji Chun

    Diana Minji Chun

    Carnegie Mellon School of Design, Pursuing Master of Interaction Design, Microsoft Product Designer

  • Michelle Cedeno

    Michelle Cedeno

  • Jisoo Shon

    Jisoo Shon

    Interaction Designer | CMU MDes 2

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