CD Studio Project 2: Making the Abstract Concrete

Project Overview

McCloud’s Understanding Comics, ch. 2

9/26 Mental Representations

Image Exercise
Initial phases of tornado formation: mesocyclones form in clouds, descend, take in downdraft, made bigger by updraft

McCloud’s Understanding Comics, ch.3

Earthquakes: Initial Research

What are earthquakes?


10/1 Verbal Storytelling

Concept Speed Dating

10/3 Storyboarding


10/8–10/10 Working Sessions

Form Explorations

Exploration: color, texture
earth’s core
tectonic plates

Developing Harder Concepts

Exploration of 2D form & motion (motion shows reverse fault)
3D motion normal / reverse / strike slip fault

10/15–10/17 Exploring Visual Form, conti.

explorations in a very messy illustrator file
normal, reverse, strike slip

10/22–10/24 2D and 3D explorations

Exploring ways to communicate plate interactions // cause & effect

10/29–10/31 3D it is!

Updating visuals to 3D

3D Earth
Seismic movement and waves
seismic wave explorations
seismic wave motion explorations

Iterations and finalizing the form

Final takeaways

Final video

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