Prof Dina El Zanfaly | Carnegie Mellon University, School of Design | Fall ‘20

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9.3 // Intro

Hi! I’m Amrita. I’m currently a second-year MDes student in the School of Design.

I’m a huge fan of popular culture, interactive media, design, and learning. In my free time, you’ll likely catch me watching a quirky comedy show (latest show rec: What We Do In the Shadows), running outside, or spending time with family.

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path to design: bay area, fitbit, cmu

Prior to CMU, I was a project manager by day and a dance teacher by night. I’ve always been drawn to making, and decided to transition into design by coming back to school. …

Understanding studio-based learning experiences in remote and hybrid contexts

⚡️ Process blog for a CMU School of Design (SoD) research study led by Prof. Stacie Rohrbach with support from research assistants Anna Boyle, Michelle Cedeno, Matt Geiger, and myself Amrita Khoshoo ⚡️

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scenes from last semester (thanks to: CMU School of Design Instagram)

Week 1–2: Interviews + Synthesis

How can approaches for studio-based teaching and learning be designed to support effective instruction in remote and hybrid contexts?

This is the question we’re tackling during this study. CMU will be moving towards a hybrid learning model this fall, which means design classes will need to serve a potentially wider range of student and faculty needs. What are these needs? And what approaches can better serve them?

Our first step has been to talk to SoD faculty and students about remote work last semester. …

Team 16: Amrita Khoshoo, Diana Minji Chun, Hannah Koenig, Shambhavi Deshpande

This post chronicles our team’s progress as it happens for the third phase of our Interaction Design Studio 2 Project, taught by Peter Scupelli in Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Design. You can find the full process publication here.

3/4 Workshop Synthesis

During class on Wednesday, we posted all of the worksheets from the Monday’s workshop up on a whiteboard. We then sat down and shared what we heard from each workshop group.

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All the worksheets together!

While everyone shared, some of us jotted down insights on post-it notes, in prep for an affinity mapping exercise.

Big themes that…


Amrita Khoshoo

Interaction Designer | Carnegie Mellon University, School of Design | MDes ’21

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